Holzkraftwerk in Wunsiedel

Upper Franconian Municipality Wunsiedel Reaches Climate Goals Early Thanks to Wind, Bioenergy and Co.

In June 2016 the Bavarian town of Wunsiedel was honored as “Energy Municipality of the Month” by the Renewable Energies Agency. The town already reached its self-chosen climate and energy goals for 2020 this year.

Stipendiat Zhu Jun, Prof. Jürgen Krause, Uni Göttingen 2010

Scholarship programmes: opportunities for the best minds

The Federal Foreign Office funds a variety of scholarship programmes, which are important for the implementation of its research and academic relations policy. The programmes enable the top international specialists of tomorrow to undertake periods of study or research in Germany. At the same time, they lay the foundation for research partnerships with the world’s best minds. Jun Zhu, a lawyer from China and doctoral student in Göttingen, is one of them. Like many highly qualified young graduates from abroad, he receives financial support from the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD).


Many institutions offer scholarships for international students in Germany. The websites below provide an overview.


Absolventen der International Business School

Centers for German and European Studies: A lively, borderless knowledge network

Professor Michael Werner und Nicolas Escach vom CIERA, Paris

They are important institutions for research on Germany and Europe and drivers of innovation in academic training: the 15 Centers for German and European Studies in eleven countries focus on contemporary issues that transcend the boundaries of individual disciplines. The aim is to educate a young generation of experts on Germany and Europe that will work to achieve international understanding and cooperation. They link the academic, political and public spheres in the country where they are based through their focus on Germany and Europe. Within the framework of its research and academic relations policy the Federal Foreign Office promotes the Centers through the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD).